Dear Valued Client,

To provide a better reliable trading environment, Pacific Union would like to launch a Live and Demo Server upgrades for MT4/MT5 starting from Server Time (GMT+3) 00:00 of November 7th 2021.

Clients would not be able to login for MT4/MT5 Live/Demo account and also Client Portal during the upgrade maintenance period. Please note that deposit, withdrawal and data searching functions in Client Portal would be not available to use as well. We recommend clients to make proper arrangement in advance.

However, it would not make any changes to your account for example MT4/MT5 password or open positions.

Note: Cryptocurrency market will also be closed during the system upgrade maintenance. Trading for Cryptocurrency will not be available on 00:00 – 16:00 of November 7th 2021.

The Client Portal will be restored and you could re-login to the MT4/MT5 trading platform after the upgrade maintenance has been completed on (GMT+2) 00:00 of November 8th 2021.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact our support team via Live Chat, email: [email protected], or phone +248 4671 948.