Dear Valued Client,

Please be advised of the upcoming Sempra Energy (SRE) stock split that is going to take place as per the following schedule:

•   Ex-Date: August 22th, 2023 (GMT+3, MT4/MT5 server time). Common shares will trade at the new split-adjusted price.

The primary motive is to make the shares more affordable to small investors even though the underlying value of the company has not changed. SRE would like its stock to be more accessible to a broader base of investors.

Important notes of the SRE Stock Split
•   The number of shares of each client’s position will multiply by 2.
•   Post-split, the open price of each position will be adjusted, which will be the original price divided by 2.
•   All pending orders at the time of the split (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop,Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit) will be deleted.

Please note that:
•   The following orders for SRE shares will be deleted due to the stock split:
     Live Account: Pending orders (At time of stock split)
     Demo Account: All open and pending orders
•   All settings of Stop Loss and Take Profit on Live account SRE open position will be ADJUSTED to the original setting price divided by 5.

Investor current has an open SRE position of 100 shares at the price of USD 1000 with a Take Profit (TP) of USD 500.

After the Stock split of 5 for 1: (Adjustment done would be as follows)
Position Price: USD 500 (USD 1000/2)
Take Profit (TP): USD 250 (USD 500/5)

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team via Live Chat, email:[email protected], or phone +248 4373 105.